Power Capacitors AS Per IS:13340 for Industrial Use

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Applications :
1. DC Link Circuit and DC Filtration
2. Solar inverters / Fans / Air Conditioners / Submersible / Washing Machine
3. Industrial & Commercial power supply
4. Inverter circuits appliances PN

1. Capacitance tolerance +- 10%
2. Rated voltage 440 volt AC
3. Frequency 50 Hz +- 5% tolerance
4. Temperature maximum -40 to +85 degree
5. Insulating resistance at 500dc for a minute
6. Dielectric material Metalised polypropylene (MPP)
7. High safety and self healing
8. Low loss, Low ESR
9. Copper Lead Wire
10. Long Life
11. Low heat dissipation factor

Additional information

Power Capacitors

Size(KVAr) 10K-40K (MS Pin Type) Type 6Terminal, Size(KVAr) 5K-20K (Round Wire) Type 3Terminal, Size(KVAr) 5K-25K (MS Pin Type) Type 3Terminal, Size(KVAr) 5K-25K (Round Type) Type 3Terminal


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