Daspass Bobbin – 344 – Stainless Steel – SSL 20, 2 KW, Long 24″


Sr. No. 344
Cat. No: SSL 20
Watts: 2000
Volts: 230V
Total Length: 18″

Daspass Bobbin Stainless Steel/LeadCovering/Glass/Silica/Titanium/Heaters

These heaters are used for light Oils, Chemical and Water Immersion applications

These are rewireable type elements and inserted in the tubeing of lead of / STS (Silica)/SSL(Stainless Steel)/TIH(Titanium)Etc. Its terminals are covered with cap fitted with flange for installation.

Must be dipped inside the chemical upto red mark which indicates hot length. the porcelain elements are inserted in the tube of 1″/1-1/2″ dia and terminal head on upper side sealed to prevent from moisture and fumes.

Supply: 230V/ 1 PH/AC/50 Hz

GST inclusive @ 18% – HSN Code: 8516
Prices Ex Works, Charges of Courier, Transport, Freight Forwarding Will be Extra Chargeable at Actual.
Delivery within 4 to 7 Days.


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